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For Ya Persis!


This page is dedicated for you, a place where any voice from your shout or whisper to Sambernyawa will be heard!

Please read terms of for ya Persis agreement

1. Submit mp3 audio and lyric of your chants or songs to our e-mail
2. If your chants taken from another song, give a credit to the original artist ex;”Chants sung to the tune of….”
3. You may request not to include your name, contact, blog etc on your chants
4. Over repetition of any part in the chant will be cut
5. We have rights to decide which chants or songs to be posted here
6. We have fully rights in tagging the files
7. Your files will be re-uploaded to our mediafire account for any evaluation purposes
8. These terms of agreement may change at anytime without any confirmation

Get Ready.. This is For ya Persis!

1. Persis Teruslah Berlari

Persis oh Persis teruslah berlari
Kami tak kenal lelah berdiri
Kami kan terus bernyanyi


shouted by drs

Chants sung to the tune of Rosie by The Young Dubliners


2. Forza Persis Solo Sambernyawa

Forza Persis Solo Sambernyawa,
Berjuanglah dengan sekuat tenaga,
Forza Persis selalu dihati,
Berjuanglah dari hati untuk kami…

shouted by Arnas
Chants sung to the tune of Numar pân’ la unu by Cleopatra Stratan


3. Tak Pernah Ragu Kami Percaya Padamu

Tak pernah ada ragu
Kami percaya padamu
Kemana langkahmu kan menuju
Kami ada disampingmu


shouted by nick
Chants sung to the tune of Semua Sodara by Tenholes


4. Persis Solo (singing)

Persis Solo//hoooooo..

shouted by nick
Chants sung to the tune of Menuju Temaram by SID


5. Aku Percaya Penjaga Gawangku

Aku percaya penjaga gawangku,
Yang dinaungi bek bek tangguh itu .
Lini tengahku yang bahu membahu
Support selalu striker haus golku.

Persis solo ayo terus maju,
Kalahkan semua lawan lawanmu.

Hohooo… Hoho…..
Hohooo… Hoho…..

shouted by @pranotoutomo


6. Terus Berlari Jangan Berhenti

Teruslah berlari
Jangan lelah dan berhenti
Kami ada untukmu disini

Hohoho hohoho
Hohoho hohohohoho
Hohoho hohohohohohoho…

shouted by drs
Chants sung to the tune of Semua Sodara by Tenholes



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